Academic Committees 2020-2021

updated: 02.06.2021


Executive Council


Prof. Gadi Fibich, Head of the School

Prof. Yoel Shkolnisky, Chair of the Applied Mathematics Department

Prof. Shiri Artstein, Chair of the Pure Mathematics Department

Prof. Amir Beck, Chair of the Statistics and Operations Research Department


Advisors for B Sc Study Tracks


Prof. Ron Peled, Pure Mathematics

Dr. Haim Avron, Applied Mathematics, The combined program in Mathematics and Physics, Computer Science

Prof. Malka Gorfine, Statistics and Operations Research, Mathematics and Statistics for Hi tech

Prof. Leonid Polterovich, Mathematics and Physics


Teaching Committee


Prof. Michael Bialy, Chair, Pure Mathematics

Prof. Adi Ditkowski, Applied Mathematics

Prof. Ehud Lehrer, Statistics


School Representative to the Faculty Teaching Committee

Prof.  Michael Bialy, School Representative


Admissions Committee

Prof Yaron Ostrover , Chair, Mathematics and Statistics


Head of the Beno Arbel Program

Prof. Eilon Solan



Outstanding Students' Track

Prof. Wojciech Samotij, Chair, Pure Mathematics

Prof. Eilon Solan, Statistics

Prof. Adi Ditkowski, Applied Mathematics


M Sc Committee

Prof. Zeev Rudnick, Chair, Pure Mathematics

Prof. David Steinberg, , Statistics, Biostatistics

Prof. Steven Schochet, Applied Mathematics

Prof. Refael Hassin, Operations Research 



Ph D Committee

Prof. Moti Gitik, Chair, Pure Mathematics

Prof. Felix Abramovich, Statistics

Prof. Nir Sochen, Applied Mathematics


Alternate Members

Prof. Lev Buhovski, Pure Mathematics

Prof. Dan Haran, Pure Mathematics


Prizes and Fellowships Committee

Prof. Dan Haran, Chair, Pure Mathematics

Prof.  Isaac Meilijson, Statistics

Prof. Nir Sochen, Applied Mathematics


Coordinators for Service Courses


Prof. Ruth Heller Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Economics and Medicine


Prof. Asaf Nachmias, Engineering and Exact Sciences

Dr. Alon Nishri, Economics

Prof. David Ginzburg, Life Sciences


Coordinators for Minors and Credit for Prior Studies

Dr. Alon Nishri, Mathematics in Social Sciences

Prof. Asaf Nachmias, Mathematics in Engineering and Physical Sciences

Prof. Ruth Heller, Statistics


Coordinator for the Summer Preparatory Workshops

Prof. Nir Sochen

Prof. David Gilat


Curriculum Committee

Prof. Mikhail Sodin, Chair, Pure Mathematics

Prof. Saharon Rosset, Statistics

Prof. Steven Schochet, Applied Mathematics


Responsible for graders

Prof. Prof. Wojciech Samoti


Responsible for computerized grading

Dr. Doron Puder


Ombudsman for Student Complaints

Prof. David Ginzburg


Teaching Quality of the Junior Faculty

Prof. Barak Weiss


Teaching Plan in Mathematics

Prof.  Asher Ben Artzi


Teaching Plan in Statistics

Prof. Amir Beck


Colloquium and Seminar Coordinators

Dr. Alexei Entin, Colloquium

Dr. Dmitry Batenkov, Applied Mathematics

Prof. Daniel Yekutieli, Statistics

Prof. Lior Bary Soroker, Tuesday noon


Library Committee

Prof. Eugenii Shustin, Chair, Pure Mathematics

Prof. Saharon Rosset, Statistics


School Representative to the Faculty Library Committee

Prof. Eugenii Shustin


Chair Committee
Prof. Marc Teboulle

Prof. Leonid Polterovich


Head of the Statistical Laboratory

Prof. Daniel Yekutieli


Industry Relations Committee

Dr. Nir Sharon


Faculty committee for gender equity

Prof. Asaf Nachmias


Safety Committee

Prof. Assaf Shapira


Appointments Committee

Prof. Gadi Fibich, Chair

Prof. Shiri Artstein, Pure Mathematics

Prof. Malka Gorfine, Statistics

Prof. Yoel Shkolnisky, Applied Mathematics

Prof. Amir Beck, Statistics

Prof. Barak Weiss, Pure Mathematics

Prof. Zeev Rudnick, Pure Mathematics, Semester A

Prof. Leonid Polterovich, Pure Mathematics, Semester B


Gender fairness committee
Prof. Niv Buchbinder


Olympiad steering committee
Prof. Yehuda Shalom- Chair steering committee
Prof. Lev Buhovski- School Representative


Facebook coordinator
Prof. Lior Bary Soroker


Coordinator to promote women in mathematics

Prof. Shiri Artstein


School representative in the small senate

Prof. Gadi Fibich

Prof. Amir Beck

Prof. Yoel Shkolnisky

Prof. Yaron Ostrover

Prof. Asaf Shapira

Prof. Leonid Polterovich

Prof. Semyon Alesker

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