Department of Applied Mathematics

About Applied Math

Applied Mathematics is characterized more by its motivations and utilizations of mathematics than by the kind of mathematics actually covered. Applied Mathematics is interested in mathematics as it directly relates to various applications in society, science and technology. Traditionally Applied Mathematics deals with problems from mathematical physics governed by differential equations and numerical analysis.


However, modern topics in applied mathematics include everything from archaeology to social sciences and from bio-medical research to imaging, image processing, geometric design and big data analysis. Applied Mathematics contributes to various applications by means of modelling, analysis and numerical approximation. It enriches mathematics by drawing attention to new problems and mathematical structures evolving from the need for more elaborate models and more efficient computational tools for the  study of complex phenomena.


Applied Mathematics methodologies are needed, for example, in the modelling of physical, chemical, and biomedical phenomena, in the designing of information systems, in the planning and managing of financial and marketing strategies, in the understanding and optimizing of manufacturing processes, as well as in the designing of engineered parts, structures and systems in order to optimize performance, among others.


Businesses actively utilizing Applied Mathematics to solve the problems of today and tomorrow would include those that produce and manufacture aircraft, automobiles, engines, textiles, computers, communications systems, chemicals anddrugs for starters. Not to mention those working in the fields of biotechnology, advanced materials, and engineering as well as in various service and consulting organizations, just to name a few.



Study Programs

Apart from participating in running the undergraduate programs of the School of Mathematical Sciences, the department offers graduate degrees at both the MSc. and PhD levels. 


For further information please contact the advisors of the Applied Math Department:


Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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