Physics Colloquium: Review of pulsed-power-driven high energy density physics

Prof. Dan Sinars, Sandia National Laboratories

11 December 2022, 14:00 
Shenkar Physics Building, Room 104 
Physics Colloquium




Pulsed power accelerators compress electrical energy in space and time to provide versatile experimental platforms for high energy density and inertial confinement fusion science. The 80-TW "Z" pulsed power facility at Sandia National Laboratories is the largest pulsed power device in the world today. Z discharges up to 22 MJ of energy stored in its capacitor banks into a current pulse that rises in 100 ns and peaks at a current as high as 30 MA delivered to mm-scale targets. Considerable progress has been made over the last decade in the use of pulsed power as a precision scientific tool, and multiple facility performance records have been set . This talk reviews  developments at Sandia in inertial confinement fusion, dynamic materials science, x-ray radiation science, and pulsed power technology. In each of these areas the talk will summarize research spanning fundamental science to highly applied science. I will conclude with a few remarks on a Next Generation Pulsed Power project that the U.S. government is considering at this time.



Event Organizer: Prof. Rennan Barkana (

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