Biological & Medical Chemistry

updated: 02.11.2022

Biological & Medical Chemistry

Bioorganic Chemistry is a rapidly growing scientific discipline that combines organic chemistry and biology. Bioorganic chemistry attempts to expand organic-chemical researches (that is, structures, synthesis, and kinetics) toward biology.


Medicinal Chemistry is a discipline at the intersection of chemistry, especially synthetic organic chemistry, and pharmacology and various other biological specialties, which are involved with design, chemical synthesis and the development to market bio-active molecules, or pharmaceutical agents (drugs).


Several bioorganic and medicinal chemistry groups are active at the School of Chemistry of Tel Aviv University. These include the following research areas: Natural product based drug discovery (Prof. Yoel Kashman and Prof. Shmuel Carmeli); Targeted drug delivery (Prof. Doron Shabat and Dr. Micha Fridman); Anti-metabolic and antibiotic drug development (Dr. Micha Fridman); Chemical ecology of natural products (Prof. Shmuel Carmeli).




Prof. Amir Roey, Prof. Cohen Yoram, Prof. Fridmn Micha, Prof. Goldbourt Amir, Prof. Gozin Michael, Prof. Patolsky FernandoDr. Muhammad JbaraProf. Shlomi Reuveni,​ Prof. Shabat Doron.



Prof. Carmeli Shmuel, Prof. Kashman Yoel, Prof. Navon Gil.


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