The Israeli Atmospheric and Climatic Data Center was opened

A new knowledge center for climate and atmosphere

The Israeli Atmospheric and Climatic Data Center was opened

Your New Source for Atmospheric and Climatic Data!

We are happy to announce the opening of a new data center - The Israeli Atmospheric and Climatic Data Center (IACDC), funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and based at Tel Aviv University.


The IACDC was set up to help researchers studying the Earth’s climate and atmosphere by allowing easier access to data from projects from across the globe, including model output and station measurements amongst others.


The center is headed by Prof. Pinhas Alpert and Prof. Nili Harnik and directed by Maayan Rothstein, all of the Department of Geophysics at the School of Earth Sciences at Tel Aviv University.


Data Access Through the IACDC

Researchers will find access to a multitude of datasets directly from our website, saving the time it usually takes to find and figure out how to download the data, and allowing the download of all the datasets through the same method.


For data we don’t have at the IACDC, order forms allow researchers to order the data they need and have us do the download for them. Once their order is complete they can download this data just like any of the other data on our site.


Data from Israel and Mediterranean Region

In addition to the datasets from projects worldwide, the IACDC makes a special effort to collect and provide access to data unique to Israel, such as output from regional models, historical reports and station measurements.


Data Exclusive to the IACDC

You will also find data which has been made accessible to the research community specifically by the IACDC—namely, the IACDC cyclones and cyclone tracks database. This contains all cyclones identified between 1980-2016, along with their tracks and various parameters.


The IACDC - For the Whole Atmospheric and Climatic Community

At the IACDC we want to serve as wide an audience as possible, we therefore invite researchers from the atmospheric and climate sciences to contact us with any feedback, questions and also what datasets would best serve people in their field of study.


Further information see the center's website or contact us directly through our email.


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