Prof. Pinhas Alpert

חוג למדעי כדור הארץ אמריטוס
Prof. Pinhas Alpert
Phone: 03-6407380
Fax: 03-6409282
Office: Kaplun, 315


  • Atmospheric Dynamics

  • Climate and Climate Change

  • Mesoscale Modeling

  • Numerical Weather Prediction

  • Aerosols Observations and Modelling Dust and Sea-Salt Forecasting



  • B.Sc. in Mathematics, Physics and Computer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1970

  • M.Sc. in Physics-Electro Optics, Hebrew Universisty of Jerusalem, 1972

  • Ph.D. in Meterology, Hebrew University of  Jerusalem, 1980

Academic Appointments

  • Instructor, Meteorology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1972-1980

  • Lecturer, Geophysics & Planetry Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 1982-1986

  • Post-doctoral Fellow, Meteorology (CIMMS), The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA, 1983

  • Visiting Scientist, Laboratory for Atmospheres, NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland, USA, 1986-1987

  • Senior Lecturer, Geophysics & Planetary Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 1987-1992

  • Visiting Scientist, Meteorology, Reading Univesrity, Reading, England, 1987

  • Visiting Scientist, Meteorology, Penn State University, University Park, USA, 1992

  • Associate Prof., Geophysics & Planetary Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 1993-1998

  • NRC Senior Associate, Data Assimilation Office, NANA - Goddard, 1995-1997

  • Physics Senior Visitor, Balearic University, Spain, 1998

  • Senior Visitor, Climate & Radiation, NASA-GSFX Aerosol Center, 2000

  • Professor, Geophysics & Planetary Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 1998-Today

  • Fellow, NASA-Goddard Space Laboratory, Goddard flight Center Atmosphere, 2003-2008

  • Head, Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, Tel Aviv Univesrsity, 2005-2008

  • Head, Tel Aviv University, Porter School for Environmental Studies, 2008-2013

Awards and Prizes

  • Israel “Psalms” Champion for youth, 1965

  • Distinction Prize, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1967 

  • Distinction Prize, The Hebrew Univesity of Jerusalem, 1970

  • Prize, Goethe Institute, Munchen, Germany, 1975

  • Fellowship, Harvard University, Cmbridge, MA, USA, 1980-1982

  • Grand, NATO Advanced Study Institute, 1982

  • Fellowship, The Univesrity of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA, 1983

  • NRC Senior Associate, NASA/Goddard, Greenbelt, US, 1995-1997

  • American Men & Women of Sciences (AMWS Book), 1998

  • Goddard Fellow, NASA Goddard Flight Center, 2003-2008

  • Honorary Member, World Jewish Academy of Sciences, 2004

  • Member as the Senate Delegate, Board of Governors of Tel Aviv University, 2007-2009

  • Best of What's New Popular Science Award of Flood Warning, 2009

  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Medal, WIPO Medal, "for the best invention to predict floods using cellular networks" (with N. David and H. Messer-Yaron), 2009

  • Certificate of Championship of the Lower Jordan River (granted in Limassol, Cyprus, by the  Jordanian, Palestinian & Israeli Directors of FoEME-Friends of the Earth Middle East), 2011

  • The Mikhael M. Nebenzahl & Amalia Grossberg Chair Professor in Geodynamics, 2011

  • Head of the Porter School for Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University, 2008-2013

  • Member of the International Advisory Board of DESERVE (Dead Sea Research Venue of the German Helmholtz Society), 2012

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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