Prof. Ehud Nakar

School of Physics and Astronomy
ביה"ס לפיזיקה ואסטרונומיה סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Ehud Nakar
Phone: 03-6405385
Fax: 03-6408179
Office: Kaplun, 110


Prof. Ehud Nakar works on a range of topics in theoretical and numerical high energy astrophysics and in particular the physical processes that are active in sources of high energy radiation, cosmic-rays, neutrinos and gravitational waves. Among the astrophysical phenomena that are being explored are neutron-star mergers, gamma-ray bursts, supernovae and soft gamma-repeaters. Physical processes that are studied include collisionless and radiation-mediated shocks, shock breakouts, particle acceleration, relativistic hydrodynamics and radiative transfer. The study combines high-performance computing numerical simulations and analytic work.


Research achievements include: Developing the theory of relativistic shock breakouts; deriving the structure of the outflow in the first binary neutron star merger; theoretical interpretation of the first observation of short gamma-ray bursts.


Future directions include: Using the combination of gravitational waves measured by LIGO/VIRGO and the electromagnetic signal to study the physics and astrophysics of neutron star mergers.


  • B.Sc, Physics and Computer Science (Summa Cum Laude), Hebrew University, Amirim program for outstanding students, 1996-1998

  • M.Sc, Physics, (Magna Cum Laude) Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, 1999-2000

  • Ph.D., Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, 2001-2004

Academic Appointments

  • Marie Curie Fellow, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, 2004

  • Senior Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology, 2005-2008

  • Senior Lecturer of Physics & Astronomy , Tel Aviv University, 2009-2011

  • Visiting Associate in Astrophysics (Summer appointments), California Institute of Technology, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

  • Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Tel Aviv University, 2012-2015

  • Full Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Tel Aviv University, 2016-Present

Awards and Prizes

  • European Research Council  (ERC) Consolidator Grant , 2019-2023

  • Bruno Award, 2019

  • Founding member of the Israei Young Academy, 2012-2017

  • European Research Council  (ERC)  starting independent grant, 2012-2016

  • The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Chair for young scientists, 2011

  • Israeli Physical Society (IPS) Prize for a Young Physicist (shared with A. Gal-Yam), 2011

  • Alon fellowship to outstanding young faculty, 2009

  • Sherman Fairchild Senior Research Fellowship - a 6-year research associate scholarship, 2005-2008

  • European Union Murie Curie Fellowship for outstanding doctoral students, 2004

  • The International Dan David Scholarship for outstanding doctoral students, 2003

  • The Horwitz prize - 3 year scholarship for outstanding Ph.d. students, 2002-2004

  • The Wolf prize for outstanding M.Sc students, 2000

  • Israeli parliament (Kneset) award for outstanding students, 1997,1998

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