Prof. Hadas Saaroni

חוג למדעי כדור הארץ סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Hadas Saaroni
Phone: 03-6406470
Fax: 03-6406470
Office: Yad Avner - Geography, 220


Fields of expertise and research: synoptic climatology, regional climatology, climate change, urban climatology and applied climatology, focusing on the Mediterranean Basin and the Levant region. The studies combine theoretical and applied aspects. They encompass assorted spatio-temporal scales, from large to synoptic to local and micro-climatic. The methodological approach includes, among others, synoptic-climatological analysis and statistical downscaling techniques.


Researches include:

  • Developing a new methodology for identifying daughter cyclone formation with respect to the parent's frontal system - application for the Mediterranean Basin;

  • Studying synoptic evolution scenarios associated with prolonged dry spells within the rainy season in Israel;

  • Developing advanced methods for identification and classification of Red Sea Trough and its active phase, application for related evolution scenarios and future changes;

  • Studying anomalies in the movement of upper-level troughs and their relations with rainfall anomalies over the Levant;

  • Developing a new synoptic classification of the summer season for the Levant using an “environment to climate” approach;

  • Studying pollution of particle matter and its relation to summer climatic stress - The case of Haifa metropolitan area, Israel;

  • Investigating trends in rainfall, temperature and heat stress regimes over Israel and their relationship to synoptic and large-scale variability;

  • Studying relations between synoptic-scale atmospheric variables and wave storms along the Mediterranean coasts of Israel;

  • Investigating structures of the rainy season in Israel and the ecological impacts on amphibians;

  • Studying human comfort and climate considerations in urban landscape and green infrastructure planning;

  • Studying pine forest thinning impacts on climatic, micro-climate and their relation with ant community;

  • Studying the impact of climate variations and change on the growing of deciduous fruit trees in Israel as a basis for evaluation of their future potential; 


  • B.A (cum lude) in Geography, Tel Aviv University, 1978

  • Weather Forecaster studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Israel Meteorological Service, 1979

  • M.A. in Climatology, Tel Aviv University, 1985

  • Ph.D. in Climatology, Tel Aviv University, 1994

Academic Appointments

  • Head of the Department, Department of Geography, Tel-Aviv University, 2015/16-2016/17

  • Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Tel-Aviv University, 2011-present

  • Senior lecturer, Department of Geography, Tel-Aviv University, 2005-2011

  • Lecturer, Department of Geography, Tel-Aviv University, 1999-2004

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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