Prof. Aharon Levy

Emeritus in School of Physics and Astronomy
ביה"ס לפיזיקה ואסטרונומיה אמריטוס
Prof. Aharon Levy
Phone: 03-6405173
Fax: 03-6407932
Office: Kaplun, 403


Prof. Aharon Levy participates in three international collaborations, FCAL, CLICdp and ILD, all three connected with detector R&D for future linear electron-positron colliders. In particular, his group develops a prototype electromagnetic calorimeter for measuring the luminosity, a physical entity necessary for any collider to turn measured events into cross sections.


Research achievements: succeeded to build ultra-thin (~700 microns) silicon sensor planes which allows to build a compact calorimeter. The width of the electromagnetic shower (Moliere radius) was reduced by more than a factor of two from the existing older version.


Future directions: double the size of the existing calorimeter prototype by the end of 2019. In the more-distant future, join the study and development of the LUXE experiment at the European XFEL in Hamburg whose aim is to reach the Schwinger limit predicted in non-perturbative QED in the presence of a high electromagnetic field.


  • MSc, Weizmann Institute, 1964

  • PhD, Weizmann Institute, 1967

Academic Appointments

  • Instructor, Tel Aviv University, 1964-1968

  • Visiting Scientist, SLAC, 1968-1969

  • Lecturer, Tel Aviv University, 1969-1970

  • Senior Lecturer, Tenure, Tel Aviv University, 1970 -1978

  • Visiting Scientist, MIT, 1973-1974

  • Associate Professor, Tel Aviv University, 1978-1987

  • Visiting Scientist, MIT, 1978-1980

  • Visiting Scientist, MIT, 1984-1985

  • Full Professor, Tel Aviv University, 1987-Present

  • Visiting Scientist, DESY, 1990-1992

  • Head of School of Physics & Astronomy, 2002-2006

  • Visiting Scientist, DESY, 2006-2007

  • Visiting Scientist, MPI, 2007-2008

  • Visiting Scientist, University of Toronto, 2008

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