Dr. Ilia Kaminker

School of Chemistry
ביה"ס לכימיה סגל אקדמי בכיר


Development of advanced methods in magnetic resonance spectroscopy for characterization of surface-bound species.

  • Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
  • High-field Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
  • Implementation of EPR and DNP techniques for atomic-level characterization of single atom catalysts

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is the best spectroscopic method for obtaining structural information on the atomic level. The main limitation of NMR, which prevents it from being equally successfully applied as a surface analysis tool, is its limited sensitivity. Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) is a method to boost the NMR signal by orders of magnitude and thus enable the use of NMR also for analysis of rare species such as those attached to the surface.

The Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy allows for structural characterization of paramagnetic species such as free radicals and transition metal complexes. Traditionally the EPR measurement is performed at low magnetic field which limits the amount of information that can be obtained. Development of high-field EPR methodology will allow for better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of DNP and obtaining high-resolution structural information on paramagnetic transition metal complexes on a surface.

The developed methods will be used to obtain structural information of surface-localized transition metal complexes such as those in single atom catalysts (SAC). The methodological developments will allow for a better understanding of the catalytic mechanisms of SACs which in turn will enable the rational development of the next generation of catalysts with improved properties.


  • Dual BSc, Magna Cum Laude in Chemistry and Cum Laude in Biology, Tel Aviv University, 2006

  • MSc, Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, 2008

  • PhD (direct PhD track), Weizmann Institute of Science, 2012

Academic Appointments

  • Postdoctoral fellow, Weizmann Institute of Science, 2012-2014

  • Postdoctoral fellow, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2014-2018

  • Senior Lecturer, School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, 2018-present

Awards and Prizes

  • Dean Prize for excellence in studies, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 2004

  • Dean Prize for excellence in studies, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 2005

  • Dean Prize for excellence in studies, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 2006

  • Otto Schwartz Scholarship for excellent Ph.D Students, 2009

  • Converging Technologies Fellowship for Ph.D Students, 2009

  • Katzir travel grant fellowship, 2011

  • Prof. Rahamimoff competitive travel grant for young scientists by Israel USA Binational Science Foundation (BSF), 2011

  • The Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry Award for Young Scientists by John Wiley & Sons (International), 2011

  • Shimon Reich Memorial Prize (Weizmann Institute), 2012

  • The Prof. Israel Dostrovsky Memorial Prize of Excellence (National), 2012

  • International EPR Society Young Investigator Award (International), 2015

  • Human Frontiers Science Foundation (HFSP) Long-Term Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2015-2017

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