Space Weather Center, Tel-Aviv University

updated: 05.02.2024

Space Weather Center, Tel-Aviv University

TAU Space Weather Center is dedicated to advancing the field of space weather control and prediction in order to better understand dangerous events in space that can impact technology and infrastructure.


The Sun cannot affect the Earth and humans directly because our planet has two shields, namely, the magnetosphere and the atmosphere, preventing most dangerous energetic particles and the solar wind plasma from reaching the ground. Meanwhile, variable space weather creates numerous indirect effects in the ionosphere, magnetosphere and atmosphere that may be dangerous for the Technosphere and people.  


The Space Weather Center provides information on the current state of the solar activity, the solar wind, the magnetosphere, and the ionosphere at the global and local levels, and carries out studies in the field of space physics, ionospheric and atmospheric physics. If you are a student or a researcher interested in the topic, you are welcome to join our Center.


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