Quantum Seminar: Trapped-ions quantum computing - a take of highly social qubits

Prof. Roee Ozeri, Department of Physics of Complex Systems and AMOS, Weizmann Institute of Science

05 December 2022, 15:00 
Zoom: https://tau-ac-il.zoom.us/j/82245900781 
Quantum Seminar

Zoom: https://tau-ac-il.zoom.us/j/82245900781



In this talk I will review the basic methods and the current state-of-the-art in trapped ion quantum computing and compare the advantages and disadvantages of this to other QC technologies. I will further describe recent experiments at the Weizmann Institute trapped ions group in which spectral engineering was used to generate multi-qubit robust gates and perform quantum simulations of hamiltonians with time-reversal symmetry breaking.







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