Particle Physics Seminar: Implications of Dark Matter on 21-cm Cosmology

Omer Katz, TAU

17 June 2021, 10:00 
Particle Physics Seminar



Millicharged dark matter (mDM) has been a leading new-physics candidate in the attempts to explain an anomalous absorption signal in the sky-averaged 21-cm spectrum by EDGES. In this scenario, the cold mDM elastically scatters with the baryons, cooling them down beyond standard predictions, thereby producing the observed absorption signal. The minimal model above was found to be strongly constrained, however it was shown that by assuming mDM to be a subcomponent which interacts with the rest of the cold dark matter through a long-range force, an interesting viable parameter space opens up. In this talk, we extend this three fluid dynamics and go beyond mDM, studying different families of interacting dark matter, taking a model-independent approach. We study the phenomenology of such scenarios and explore their experimental prediction.



Seminar Organizers: Prof. Erez Etzion & Dr. Liron Barak


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