Gregory Gorohovsky, Israel

PhD from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Research field: Exact methods in one-dimensional systems

Hosted by: Dr. Eran Sela

Udit Khanna

Udit Khanna, India

PhD from Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India

Research field: Low-Dimensional Quantum Condensed Matter Physics

Hosted by: Dr. Moshe Goldstein

Gregory Kopnov, Israel

PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Scielnce, Israel

Research field: Extraordinary Hall Effect

Hosted by: Prof. Alexander Gerber

Samar Layek, India

PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Research field: Structural and Electronic Properties in Strongly Correlated Materials under High Pressure

Hosted by: Prof. Moshe Paz Pasternak


Noa Liscovitch, Israel

PhD From Bar Ilan University, Israel

Research field: Proteome recoding through A-to-I RNA editing in the brain

Hosted by: Prof. Eli Eisenberg

Bin Zheng

Bin Zheng, China

PhD from Shandong Normal University, China

Research field: Block copolymer thin films under electric field

Hosted by: Prof. David Andelman

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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