A new book by Lev Eppelbaum, a faculty member ot the department of Geosciences

Applied Geophysics

Applied Geothermics

A new book “Applied Geophysics” (Springer, 2014, 751 p) by Lev Eppelbaum (TAU), Izzy Kutasov (BYG Consulting Co., Boston, USA) and Arkady Pilchin (Univ. Geosci. & Environ. Co., Ontario, Canada) is composed of 13 chapters, which present the modern developments in processing and analysis of thermal data observed in hydrocarbon, hydrological, reference, deep and super-deep wells. Special attention was paid to new methodologies of thermal data examination in shallow (1-3 m) boreholes (elimination of delayed seasonal variations effect and rigged relief influence with subsequent quantitative analysis). The book include contributions on thermal regime of the Earth’s crust, evolution and thermodynamic conditions of the Earth’s ancient magma-ocean and early Earth’s atmosphere, dynamic interactions of the asthenosphere and lithosphere, thermal properties of permafrost, thermal waters, geysers and mud volcanoes, and methods of Curie discontinuity. The book is intended for students, engineers and researchers in the field of Earth Sciences and Environment studying thermal processes in the Earth and in the subsurface. 


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