Journal Club Seminar: Resolution of Cosmological Singularities in Higher Spin Gravity

Shubho Roy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

06 November 2014, 13:30 
Kaplun Building, Room 319 
Journal Club Seminar


Resolution of cosmological singularities is an important problem in any full theory of quantum gravity. Three dimensional de Sitter space admits quotients that have big-bang/big-crunch singularities and so does the Milne orbifold which is a quotient of 2+1 flat space. Using the Chern-Simons formulation of higher spin gravity in 2+1 d de Sitter and flat space we show that higher spin theories can execute a simple resolution of the cosmological singularities when one embeds them in 2+1 dimensions.


Seminar Organizer: Shira Tordjman

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