Physical Chemistry Seminar: Quantum Transport in Organic Semiconductors

Prof. Jianshu Cao, Department of Chemistry, MIT

24 February 2022, 15:00 
The Multidisciplinary Building, Room 315 
Physical Chemistry Seminar




In the first part of the talk, I will present calculations of coherent charge and exciton transport in disordered organic systems, which reveal an optimal diffusion constant at the crossover between the coherent and incoherent regimes.[1] The quantum enhancement in the coherent regime depends on the dimension and shape of the sample and exhibits a universal scaling.[2] Mapping of quantum to kinetic networks provide both an intuitive understanding of these coherent features and a potentially useful numerical technique. Though transport is suppressed by disorder, trapping or dissociation can be enhanced by disorder.[3]


In the second part of the talk, I will discuss recent results on quantum diffusion assisted by phonons or cavity photons. Our analysis of the tilted Holstein model predicts the fractional vibronic resonance, which is supported by mapping the Holstein model to a continuous time random walk.[4] In optical cavities, disordered organic molecules are coupled to cavity fields collectively, such that the cooperativity in the light-matter interaction can overcome the Anderson disorder and lead to a turnover in transport at an optimal level of static disorder.[5]



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Seminar Organizers: Prof. Haim Diamant & Dr. Shlomi Reuveni


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