Jobs & Postdoc Positions

updated: 30.06.2022


Bioinformatics Job Boards:


Date Opportunity
June 2022 Deep learning for healthcare - student position - Research Lab IBM
June 2022 Senior data scientist for CytoReason
June 2022 Bioinformatician for Pyxis Immunology 
June 2022 Bioinformatician for Protica
June 2022 Postdoctoral Researcher, UCL Cancer Institute, London
June 2022 Research student at Yaara Oren's lab for a joint project with Broad Institute & MIT
May 2022  Computational structural protein designer for AMAI
May 2022 A postdoc position at Clemson University, USA, the lab of Prof. Emil Alexov
April 2022 A computational research associate/postdoc at Uri Ben-David's lab
April 2022 Bioinformatician for Volcani Center
April 2022 Postdoctoral researcher - PrecisionTox
April 2022 Bioinformatician for Genetika Plus
April 2022 Data scientist for Genetika Plus
April 2022 Senior data scientist for Eleven Therapeutics
March 2022 An opening in Pyxis Diagnostics 
February 2022 Computational biologist for Protai
February 2022 A Bioinformatician for 1E Therapeutics
February 2022  A research scientist in computational structural biology for Projini
February 2022 Students to Masha Niv lab, HUJI
February 2022 Bioinformatician for Prana Therapeutics
February 2022 Bioinformatician for Gamidor Diagnostics
February 2022 Bioinformatician for IdentifAI Genetics
January 2022 Healthcare Machine Learning Engineer, student position, at research lab, IBM
January 2022 Computational biologist for Dexcel Pharma
January 2022 Postdoc in computational biology, the Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology
January 2022 Data scientist for Clalit Research Institute
January 2022 Computational biologists for NRGene
January 2022 Senior bioinformatics scientist to CytoReason
January 2022 Open position for senior data scientist at MetaSight
January 2022 Open position for bioinformatician at WildBio
January 2022 Bioinformatician for medical company
January 2022 Openings in Yaron Orenstein's lab, Ben Gurion University
January 2022 Data scientist for MetaSight
January 2022 Bioinformatician for the genetics department in Hadassah
December 2021 Postdoctoral Position(s) in the Anafi Lab - Focusing on Circadian Bioinformatics, Penn Medicine
December 2021 Bioinformatics Postdoc position at the Azrieli National Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopment Research 
December 2021 Senior data scientist to Rumenera
December 2021 Computational Chemist for the Blavatnik Center for Drug Discovery
December 2021 Bioinformatician for a new drug discovery company
November 2021 Research Fellow in Computational Cancer Biology, UCL dept., Cancer Institute, London
November 2021 Bioinformatician for GeneCards Suite team
November 2021 Postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard
October 2021 Data scientist for DayTwo
October 2021 A computational structural biophysicist for Amai Proteins
October 2021 Bioinformatician for the Central Virology Laboratory, Ministry of Health 
October 2021 Head of Data Management at Nucleai
October 2021 Senior Data Scientist for Nucleai
October 2021 Bioinformatician for the Yakhini research group, the Technion
October 2021 Job opening in Nucleai company
October 2021 Bioinformatician for Wild Biotech
October 2021 Bioinformatician for Pangea Therapeutics 
October 2021 Bioinformatician for MeMed
October 2021 Algorithms developer for Silicon Valley
October 2021 Bioinformatics data scientist for Silicon Valley
October 2021 Computational Biologist Position @ Fore
September 2021 An open tenure track investigator position at the Cancer Data Science Lab at the NCI
September 2021 Data Scientist and NPL researcher to K-Health 
September 2021 Postdoc/graduate students in Bioinformatics to Assaf Zaritsky’s lab, Ben-Gurion University
September 2021 Bioinformatician to BiomX
August 2021 Bioinformatician for Mantoux Institute of Bioinformatics, Weizmann Institute 
August 2021 Senior Bioinformatician to MyHeritage
August 2021 Senior Bioinformatics Scientist for Compugen
July 2021 Pangea Therapeutics - job openings
July 2021 Bioinformatician for 1E Therapeutics
July 2021 PhD student and postdoc position in Reich lab, Weizmann Institute
July 2021 Opening in Institute for Medical Biomathematics
July 2021 Bioinformatician in NGS for AMGLAB
July 2021 Bioinformatician for GeneCards Suite team at Weizmann Institute
July 2021 Bioinformatician for Pangea Therapeutics
June 2021 Opening at GlaxoSmithKline
May 2021 Bioinformatician for Centarix
May 2021 Bioinformatician for Equinom
May 2021 A computational biologist position at Moshe Biton lab, Weizmann Institute
May 2021 Biostatistics/Informatics Junior Faculty Award
May 2021 Software Engineer to join the Oxford Protein Informatics Group 
April 2021 Full time bioinformatician at BiomX software unit








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