Graduate Students

updated: 17.10.2021


Last Name First Name Status Supervisor email Research Topic
Baron Dalya PhD student Hagai Netzer
Feedback in active galactic nuclei
Bashi Dolev PhD student Shay Zucker
Exoplanets in the Galactic Context
Birenbaum Gal PhD student Omer Bromberg
Modelling the linear polarization in relativistic jets
Cohen Yossi PhD student Amiel Sternberg
The circumgalactic medium in cosmological simulations 
Devit Genady PhD student Dovi Poznanski
Search for unknown gravitational wave sources
Engel Michael PhD student Tsevi Mazeh
Installation of a new Echelle Spectrograph on the Wise 1m Telescope and its Application to Radial Velocity Follow-up of a Small Sample of Close Binaries
Govreen-Segal Taya PhD student Ehud Nakar
Shock waves in expanding medium, superluminal motion
Gurman Alon PhD student Amiel Sternberg
Atomic-molecular phase transitions in the early Universe 
Nachmani Gil PhD student Tsevi Mazeh
Light curve inversion through topological optimization
Nestor Amit PhD student Amiel Sternberg
Dynamics of high redshift galaxies
Niv Idan PhD student Amir Levinson, Omer Bromberg
Black hole magnetospheres
Panahi Aviad PhD student Shay Zucker
Searching for transiting exoplanets in Gaia's photometric data
Sikder Sudipta PhD student Rennan Barkana
21-cm cosmology
Zeidan Razi PhD student Shay Zucker
Stellar activity characterization using deep learning for extra-solar planet detection
Zeltyn Grisha PhD student Benny Trakhtenbrot
The ionizing radiation of the first SMBHs
Beilis Dan MSc student Sara Beck
Hydrodynamical Simulations of Gas Outflow in Embedded Star Formation Regions
Eilat Yarden MSc student Dovi Poznanski
Novelty detection with Gaia
Faris Sara MSc student Iair Arcavi
Tidal Disruption Events
Hershko Almog MSc student Dovi Poznanski
Keinan Ido MSc student Iair Arcavi
Gravitational-Wave Followup and Rapid Transients
Mohsen Sondos MSc student Iair Arcavi
The Peculiar Long Rise of the Type II SN 2020bij and Comparison to Shock-Cooling Models
Naor Nadav MSc student Jonathan Stern
Transition from radial to rotating accretion flows
Netanel Eisenberg Moshe MSc student Ehud Nakar
Hiden jets in CCSNe
Pardo Snir MSc student Dovi Poznanski
Partoush Roee MSc student Dovi Poznanski
SN Light Echoes
Reiss Tomer MSc student Benny Trakhtenbrot
Spectral features of powerful accrreting supermassive black holes in the local Universe
Shitrit Noy MSc student Iair Arcavi
Asteroseismology of Massive Stars From Continuous Global Observations
Sussholz Amitay MSc student Tsevi Mazeh, Dan Maoz
Detecting binary stars using Xray with the Chandra catalog



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