Postdoctoral Fellows - Prior to arrival in Israel

updated: 10.12.2019

Upon receipt of approval for the fellowship you should address a few issues:




TAU Insurance

TAU International offers an insurance with the Israeli insurance company “Harel Insurance”. The healthcare provider (“Kupat Holim”) they work with is Clalit, which owns the largest number of clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies in the country in comparison with other healthcare providers.


This insurance is for a maximum of one year (365 days), and the price is $2.50 per day. Please note that this arrangement does not offer continuous insurance (i.e., even if two policies are purchased continually, the new policy will not cover pre-existing conditions that might have occurred during the prior policy).


You can find all the information (policy guidelines, coverage details, etc.) on the University's Insurance page and you may read the policy itself here.


If you wish to purchase this insurance, please contact (please mention specific dates for requested insurance) and we will get back to you.



Yedidim Private Insurance Agency

This agency also works directly with Harel Insurance Company and healthcare provider Kupat Holim Clalit. This agency offers a diverse range of plans that you can choose from, you are welcome to find more information on the Yedidim Website.


Their "Prestige Plan", for the price of $2.35 per day, allows for continual coverage for the duration of your time in Israel and it is recommended if you will be staying longer than one year.


Please note that switching between TAUI’s insurance plan and Yedidim’s private insurance is not advisable, as Yedidim’s policy will not cover any pre-existing conditions that may have occurred during your first year of insurance. Thus, if you plan to stay here for more than a year we highly recommend you purchase the Yedidim policy from the get go.


For more information or for purchasing this insurance, the contact details for Harel-Yedidim:

Telephone: 03-6386216 | Fax: 03-6874534 | E-mail: | Sunday-Thursday: 08.00-15.30 | website:



Other private insurance

There are also many other options within the Israeli insurance market. You are welcome to do your own research into these other options. If you are looking for insurance for a long duration of time (i.e. more than one year), you will want to make sure that the plan offers continual coverage.


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