Joint Seminar in High Energy Physics

Carlos Nunez, Daniel Brattan

17 December 2013, 10:20 
Neve Shalom 
Joint Seminar in High Energy Physics

First talk at 10.30:

Aspects of Gauge-Strings Duality

Lecturer: Carlos Nunez


I will describe recent progress in the duality between gauge field theories and strings. Some aspects of Non-Abelian T-duality and generalized geometry will be discussed and used.



Second talk at 12.00:

A holographic plasma and many anyonic fluids

Lecturer: Daniel Brattan


Gauge/gravity duality is typically used to study the correlation functions of currents given by global symmetries in strongly coupled field theories. In this talk I will describe work on using local gauge symmetry to probe the boundary at non-zero temperature. I will consider a particular model in (2+1)-dimensions and discuss the implications of our findings for anyon physics.



Seminar Organiser: Uri Kol

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