Joint Seminar in High Energy Physics

Oren Bergman, Alexander Monin

10 December 2013, 10:20 
Neve Shalom 
Joint Seminar in High Energy Physics

First talk at 10.30:

Duality and (enhanced) symmetry in 5d gauge theory

Lecturer: Oren Bergman


Second talk at 12.00:

Dilaton: Saving Conformal Symmetry

Lecturer: Alexander Monin



The characteristic feature of spontaneous symmetry breaking is the presence of Goldstone mode(s). For the conformal symmetry broken spontaneously the corresponding Goldstone boson is the dilaton. Coupling an arbitrary system to the dilaton in a consistent (with quantum corrections) way has certain difficulties due to the trace anomaly. In this paper we present the approach allowing for an arbitrary system without a gravitational anomaly to keep the dilaton massless to all orders in perturbation theory, i.e. to build a theory with conformal symmetry broken spontaneously. 



Seminar Organiser: Uri Kol

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