Transportation Research Unit

updated: 23.04.2018

Transportation Research Unit


Transport is at the heart of our society! It is an element in almost any social and economic activity we participate in or a result of such activity. It is for good reason that it is often referred to as the blood system of our society. Transport is also at the heart of the many cross-cutting challenges we face in the 21st century. Climate change, demography (growing and ageing population), peak-oil, obesity, and more generally challenges related to economic growth, social exclusion, and environmental degradation, are all areas in which transport will play a major role in shaping and affecting our future. This role, its mechanism and extent, is not yet fully understood.  As a result, transport is increasingly taking more centre stage in research, especially with respect to the above challenges, and with contribution from a wide variety of disciplines. The reciprocal relations between transport and transformations in demography, culture, technology, the economy, the built environment and institutions are all frontier research areas in transport research.  


The Transport Research Unit

The Transport Research Unit strives to build a reputation for excellence in research in the broad area of transport and mobility, largely through publications in the academic literature, and by   engaging with and contributing to the international transport research community. The Transport Research Unit sees as its duty to inform and participate in the political debate related to transport policy and planning in Israel and internationally.


The objective of the Transport Research Unit is to establish itself as a medium size research centre where researchers work individually and collaboratively on a range of topics and research projects.  The Transport Research Unit is constantly looking to recruit outstanding researcher with proven excellent track record in earlier work and studies.


The Head and Founder of the Transport Research Unit is Prof. Moshe Givoni.


Transport Research:

While not limiting itself to specific aspects of transport and open to engage in any transport related research the Transport Research Unit currently focus on the following themes:

  1. Moving towards Low Carbon Mobility: changing the mobility and transport planning paradigm.

  2. Transport policy and planning: analysis and better understanding of policy process and policy making related to transport. Emphasis is on developing a methodology for "Policy Packages"; the use of models in policy making and policy decision making; and on understanding barriers for integrated transport.

  3. Transport Governance: analysis of the institutional structure of the mobility and transport system and its influence and impact on how the system function, and importantly how it evolves and change (or not) as circumstances change. Themes here include Theories of Change, and the so-called “Smart Transport” phenomena. 

  4. Public transport (Urban and intercity): the supply and use of public transport infrastructure, and especially rail transport infrastructure. This is especially relevant in the Israeli context where policies to promote public transport get priority, and consequentially very large investments are made - especially in rail transport, but with relatively little contribution and support from academic research.

  5. Transport and economic development: analysis of the mechanism through which (investment in) transport contribute to economic development, especially in courtiers with already well-established transport networks. 

  6. Transport and the environment (including climate change and energy).

  7. Inter-city, long distance transport: Air transport and its economic, social and environmental implications; the development of the High Speed Train and its implications; air-Rail competition and substitution.


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