Dept. of Geosciences Colloquium: Novel Approaches to the Analysis of the Gaia Satellite Data

Avraham Binnenfeld, Prof. Shay Zucker’s PhD student

08 July 2024, 11:00 
Ornstein Building, Room 111 
Dept. of Geosciences Colloquium




Gaia, the ongoing flagship space mission led by the European Space Agency (ESA), epitomizes the fusion of the space age with the era of big data. Its latest data release (DR3) consists of more than 1.8 billion sources, many of them measured by various on-board instruments, providing complex time series of various types. These include precise positions, magnitude in different bands, and spectra. Analyzing data of such magnitude and complexity presents a significant challenge to the astronomical community.


In this talk, I will outline my modest attempts to develop and apply new tools to approach this abundance of astronomical data. Specifically, I focused on developing exploratory tools for model-independent periodicity detection. These tools enable the detection and analysis of binary or pulsating stars, planets, black holes, and other interesting sources in the data.


Event Organizer: Dr. Roy Barkan



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