Accommodation in Tel-Aviv

updated: 19.01.2016

Foreign Students and visitors who wish to experience the Tel-Avivian life may prefer to rent an apartment in one of the central parts of the city. Please notice that renting an apartment in those may be a bit expensive, depending on size, location and the shape of the apartment. For that reason, many students prefer renting a roommates apartment.


Tip: After visiting approximately five apartments or so in Tel Aviv, you may not remember exactly what you have seen in each apartment. All the sights and information become confusing. At this stage it is highly recommended to list exactly which apartments you saw, also the ones you chose NOT to see, each detail, marking date and prices.


Don’t Despair. Finding an apartment in Tel-Aviv is possible!. There are those who get lucky and find their dream apartment in a day and there are those who need more time. Focus on the three most important criterias for your apartment, - space, elevator, quiet, parking, neighborhood, etc. - and it will be fine. The exact length of your searching period depends on many factors including how aggressive you are, what your budget is and how much time you have available to view apartments.


If you’ve had enough of searching on your own or you simply want to start your search with some professional help, there are tons of real estate agents (metavech in Hebrew) that would love to help you. The standard pay for this service is one month’s rent should they match with a place that fits your fancy.


Many smaller apartments in Tel Aviv were originally one unit that was subdivided into two or even three smaller units. This often creates a situation where apartments are lacking a defined kitchen with a spot for the fridge, gas stove and other kitchen-related amenities. If you don’t mind the lack of a real kitchen, you’ll probably find an apartment faster since there are a lot of these types of apartments in Tel Aviv.


For your convenience, here are some of the largest billboards in Israel (Since those website are in Hebrew you should use Google Translate while using those websites):  


yad2 Homeless winwin



Some important questions to ask when you’re inquiring about an apartment:

  1. How much is the Arnona (municipal city tax paid bi-monthly)?

  2. How much is the Vad Habayit (house fund used to pay for communal costs in the building)?

  3. How much of a deposit is required?


The options usually include: 

  • Check Bitachon (Deposit Check): A check written to the landlord for the sum of the deposit 

  • Arvut Bankait (Bank Guarantee): The Sum of the deposit is blocked in your bank account 

  • Shtar Hov (Promissory Note): A promissory Note that can be obtained at the Post Office stating your are responsible for X amount of damages incurred to the apartment


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